Creating Competent Communicators With Video Assessment


Creating Competent Communicators With Video Assessment

When speech communication professor Lauren Morgan wraps up a semester with her students, she wants them to do more than stand up and give a speech—she wants them to be flexible, adaptable, and capable of making conscientious choices about how and what they communicate. Using GoReact for speech recording and assessment, Morgan has:

  • Personalized student feedback
  • Increased student engagement
  • Streamlined processes for students and faculty

“Being watched is an interesting element of communication,” says Morgan. “You can watch yourself, see what other people see, and make adjustments based on that. It adds a different level of understanding.”

Program Needs

Speech Recording/Feedback

  • Recording speeches and getting timely feedback accelerates skill development.

Self/Peer Assessment

  • Critiquing yourself or your peers is one of the most effective ways to learn.


  • Reviewing and grading speeches can be inconsistent and time consuming.


GoReact Solutions

Anytime, Anywhere Access

  • GoReact stores videos, hosts live sessions, and provides feedback tools all in one place.

Time-Coded Feedback

  • GoReact teaches critical listening skills and supports student creativity.

LMS Integration

  • GoReact integrates with major learning platforms for seamless grade passback.

"Having this technology has made us as faculty members reflective in how we teacher-it helps us up our game."

Lauren Morgan

Professor of Speech Communication

Providing a Personalized Learning Experience for Students
By using GoReact, Morgan helps equip her students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to become more competent communicators. The ability for instructors to provide specific, individualized feedback in a variety of formats (video comments work particularly well for speech communication) helps students develop skills faster. Doing a self or peer review enables greater understanding of proper speech execution.

GoReact is now an essential tool for Morgan and her faculty. In addition to traditional speech recording and feedback, they’ll soon be experimenting with new ways to incorporate collaborative and group assignments. “When we do go back to having face-to-face classes, I don’t think we’ll be going back in the same way,” says Morgan. “Learning has become more personalized and GoReact has facilitated that in an empowering way for our faculty and students.”