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8 Creative Ways Our Customers Use GoReact

8 Creative Ways Our Customers Use GoReact

When it first came on the scene, GoReact was a powerhouse tool for public speaking coaching.

But now? Now it’s used in many diverse disciplines.

Customers are coming up with new ways to use GoReact every day. But GoReact can be helpful in any learning environment that requires an instructor to observe a student’s presentation or performance.

To show you just how many types of instructors and coaches we serve, here’s a sampling of the many different classes utilizing GoReact right now:

1. Communication Courses

Public speaking courses have always been the bread and butter of GoReact. Business schools, communication programs, and many other professions require students to have awesome presentation skills.

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Communication courses also use GoReact as an interview skills training tool. Although it isn’t specifically for interviewing, GoReact is a great platform for business schools and school counselors to conduct mock interviews, provide feedback, and help students learn how to present themselves better. Even just watching themselves during an interview can be eye-opening for young professionals preparing to enter the workforce.

Yet another aspect of GoReact in communication is coaching training. Many types of coach education programs use GoReact to help coaches give better feedback. This is the easiest way for a new life coach or a personal trainer to up their game as they’re communicating with clients.

2. Teacher Education Observations

Teacher ed programs are flocking to use GoReact. Why? Because it’s the easiest way for student teaching interns to watch themselves.

Lots of student teaching programs dread using video tools because they’re difficult and hard to learn. Managing video in a classroom full of kids can be a real pain, but GoReact lets even non-tech savvy teachers use their own smartphone or laptop without any struggle. As a result, interns can watch the footage and reflect on their performance right from day one. Supervisors are using GoReact to assess the disposition of new teachers and communicate hard-to-teach skills like classroom management and feedback in the classroom.

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Program supervisors also use GoReact for in-class observations—even for out-of-state teachers. GoReact is saving programs time and thousands of dollars in travel by recording teaching sessions and cutting back on the number of times a supervisor absolutely has to show up in person. And in case you were wondering, our users have found that reviewing video of someone teaching reveals the exact same teaching issues as watching someone teach live.

3. ASL Teaching and Interpreting Certification

American Sign Language instructors have been huge fans of GoReact since the first year we entered the market. Both teaching the language and training new ASL interpreters are much easier and more effective when you have a reliable video tool.

ASL instructors love that GoReact can record all their feedback and grading in ASL. Because our feedback can be posted in video format, it’s possible to teach in a 100% ASL environment, even for an online class.

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Interpreting training programs also use GoReact to prepare students for certification and interpreting careers. One of the most popular approaches among interpreting instructors is the stimulus-response activity. This allows a teacher to upload a video—in English or ASL—and have their students record themselves interpreting the video. Once the assignment is finished, the instructor can watch the stimulus video and the student’s video side by side for easy grading.

ASL may be GoReact’s most popular language demographic, but really this tool can be used for any kind of foreign language training. And it is. Right now, GoReact has users in 65 different countries worldwide.

4. Clinical Training

More and more medical courses are turning to GoReact to provide feedback to students. Nursing, counseling, first aid courses, EMT training, and even psychiatric training all require students to demonstrate skills for assessment. The end goal for all these areas is to have successful patient interactions.

For example, some classes need to conduct mock counseling sessions and see how they’re doing. GoReact is the perfect tool to record the session, let the instructor comment on how it went, and allow the student to self-evaluate their own footage. Very simple.

Clinical training is also a great place to use stimulus video activities. Instructors can either record or upload video of a medical procedure or a counseling session, let the students watch it, and record footage of themselves stating what the video did wrong or how they would have done things differently. Instructors can then watch the video and the response side by side for grading.

5. Visual Communication

Film schools love using GoReact to critique movie clips and self-made documentaries. Aside from typing comments, film instructors also have the option of leaving their own video clips, links, and other files as feedback. Sometimes the easiest way to help a student understand is to give them a real, visual example of what you’re talking about.

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Visual arts programs also love using GoReact to document student projects in a unique way. Maybe you have an assignment for students to film themselves sculpting or introducing a piece of visual art and why they chose the medium they did. You can always have students give live presentations in class, but working with video clips is much faster and easier to grade. Plus, it saves an entire day of class that would otherwise be swallowed up by presentations.

6. Performing Arts

Dance, music, vocal coaching, and even conducting music are all disciplines that benefit from GoReact. Performers of all kinds reap huge benefits by recording themselves and watching the footage afterward. And time-coded comments are by far the easiest way for instructors to give targeted, detailed feedback on performances.

No matter what type of performing art you teach, having the ability to review and grade performances asynchronously is a HUGE time-saver. Video footage can also be a great motivator for students to practice and perfect. If they have the option of recording their dance for a test and watching it afterward, there’s a strong possibility that they’ll see room for improvement and record a second time. Self-awareness is a powerful weapon in the hands of any artist.

7. Sales Training

For a student planning to make sales their career, memorizing a pitch isn’t enough to be successful. To perfect their approach, tone, and delivery it’s vital for these students to watch themselves sell. That’s why sales programs around the country use GoReact to teach basic sales skills, provide feedback on pitches, and conduct mock sales interactions.

Learning how to sell a product or just an idea is a valuable skill for any student about to enter the workforce. So don’t hesitate to film your students’ pitches and mock customer sales. GoReact is also great for demonstrating specific sales skills by leaving audio or video comments in the feed. Sales programs love it when their students film themselves practicing and self-evaluate their performance even before their instructor views the video.

8. Law Enforcement Training and Lawyer Education

Perhaps the most common use of GoReact in law enforcement is for interrogation training. This process is a lot like teaching professional interviewing skills, so police academies and other law enforcement agencies rely on GoReact to record sessions and give them an easy way to leave time-coded comments on the feed. And of course, recruits can watch themselves on camera, which does wonders for their self-awareness and improvement rate.

Another profession that loves GoReact are law schools. GoReact is awesome for recording mock court sessions and client counseling to allow professors and mentors an insider view on how their law students are performing.

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No matter what observable skill you’re teaching, rest assured that a GoReact customer somewhere has tried it. Is there any discipline we didn’t cover on this list? How are you using GoReact in your classroom? We’d love to hear your story.

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