Nursing Education

Enhancing Distance Learning in Nursing Courses With GoReact

A webinar featuring Dr. Shu-Yi (Emily) Wang from Regis University

Teaching hybrid or remote nursing courses? Using the right tools will make all the difference.

During the pandemic, Dr. Shu-Yi (Emily) Wang and her colleagues at Regis University adopted a video tool, GoReact, for skills checks, presentations, and discussions. Dr. Wang found that using GoReact for different types of assignments in her distance learning courses spurred skill development, engagement, teamwork, collaboration, and student-instructor interaction.

In this free recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to use video for graduate and undergraduate nursing assignments and activities
  • How using video increases collaboration, engagement, and skill development
  • What nursing instructors and students at Regis have to say about using video in their courses

Shu-Yi (Emily) Wang, PhD, RN, CNS

Dr. Shu-Yi (Emily) Wang is an Associate Professor at Regis University with two decades of leadership in nursing education and oncology. As well as many journal contributions to publications like “Cancer Nursing” and “Nurse Educator,” Dr. Wang has also received numerous awards and honors: Distinguished Alumna at her first nursing school in Taiwan, Nurse Educator of the Year Award for Leadership of Nurse Educators Conference in the Rockies, and the 2021 Colorado Nightingale Luminary Award.