Higher Education

Faculty Toolkit: Giving Quality Feedback

“When students enter higher education … the type of feedback they then receive, intentionally or unintentionally, will play an important part in shaping their learning futures” (Eraut, 2006). Feedback is one of the most impactful techniques instructors have in student development. It not only helps facilitate learning, it also teaches students to build strong reflective practice. While we know the importance of feedback in student learning, it is imperative for educators to continue enhancing the quality of feedback for students.

To help educators continue to enhance their feedback skills, we’ve compiled this toolkit with tips, tricks, and best practices for giving students effective feedback.

What’s Inside:

Deep dive into enhancing feedback skills

Read, watch, and download multiple resources to learn some of the innovative ways faculty are delivering feedback and teaching students reflective practices.

An overview of the impact of feedback on student satisfaction

Learn how the quality of feedback impacts student satisfaction while discovering the types of feedback students prefer to receive.

An introduction to using video assessment to elevate feedback

See how video, combined with powerful feedback tools, enables students to learn skills quicker while saving time and decreasing workload for faculty.