Teacher Education

Gaining Insight Into Student Field Experiences


Gaining Insight Into Student Field Experiences

Michigan State University (MSU) is tackling the tough problem of improving student field experiences. This top-ranked teacher education program pairs four hours per week of field experience with their elementary methods courses. This pairing better prepares pre-service teachers because students can practice what they learn in their methods courses. But it’s difficult to observe 200 students each semester. That’s why MSU’s College of Education turned to GoReact to record and improve student field experiences.


Unreliable Information

  • Before GoReact, MSU faculty had no choice but to rely on subjective student field experience reports.

Large Program

  • Each semester, 200 elementary education students enroll in field experience courses

CAEP Standards

  • The program needed to provide evidence of students’ accomplishments in the field.


GoReact Solutions

Improves Practice

  • Students can actually watch themselves teach and enjoy time-coded instructor feedback on videos.

Saves Faculty Time

  • Instructors can give feedback and manage student videos in one streamlined, simple platform.

Provides Accurate Information

  • Faculty can see what’s happening during field experiences without any travel.

Achieves CAEP Standards

  • GoReact videos show candidates are improving and meeting the six CAEP standards.

"This is the first piece of education technology that has actually made my life easier."


Associate Professor

"Having timestamps, grading, and feedback in one location in more efficient and effective."

Ann Castle


"Several CAEP Standards ask for evidence. With tools like GoReact, we can show that now."

Kelly Hodges

Curriculum Development Specialist

Looking Forward
MSU is expanding GoReact to fifth-year students completing their yearlong internship. They’re also starting to use GoReact in arguments written in accreditation reports and dissertation studies. The program looks forward to finding just how much potential GoReact has for teacher education. According to Kelly Hodges, the program’s Curriculum Development Specialist, “Instructors from the secondary program are already asking when they get to use GoReact.”