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Utilizing GoReact as Evidence of Academic Integrity

A short video clip explaining how GoReact is used to support academic integrity at Concordia College

Hear how Concordia College is using GoReact to encourage and monitor academic integrity.


Joseph Kennedy:

Again, an example that uses goReact at my institution, we use a familiar tech tool, our learning management system, along with goReact as an unintrusive proctoring tool. And we just have students record themselves while they’re taking assessments and nobody ever looks at the recording unless there are other red flags. And then the faculty members have a recording that they can go to, it’s doing a screen capture. It captures the student’s audio and video. And our students have reported they view this as no more intrusive than taking an assessment in a class where the professor is there. So we’re trying to use the technology in a low-key way. It does help us monitor for academic integrity, but really it’s inviting students in, asking students to be a part of the conversation about assessment.