Nursing Education

GoReact Gives Students What They Need to Grow and Perfect Their Skills

Offering students more time to practice, record and watch themselves on video, and reflect prior to grading has led to greater student achievement at one health professions program in Atlanta, Georgia

Allowing students more time to practice and self-reflect has increased student skill development and performance at Mercer University.


Daniel Dale:

Hi, my name is Daniel Dale, and I’m on faculty at Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia in the College of Health Professions in the Department of Physical Therapy. Since implementing GoReact, we’ve seen a lot of great improvements, both with our students and with our faculty within the program. By implementing GoReact and looking at some of our practical skills and competency skills, we’ve seen an increase in student practice times outside of class. By having the ability to video themselves, they’ve increased their ability to practice, which has then also lead to a great increase in their self-reflection skills. The ability to see themselves on video and to critically analyze what they’ve been able to do, what they’ve accomplished, and what they wish they would’ve done differently has been a great increase in our program. And again, it allows the students that ability to self reflect even prior to any grading or feedback provided by faculty.

Additionally, when we talk about faculty, we’ve seen that faculty have increased the variability of assignments and gone to video assignments for things that you wouldn’t technically or typically think would be good video assignments. We’ve had patient interaction videos where students have had to simulate patient interactions, either with a patient or even in a 1:1 fashion just to a microphone. We’ve also seen with our faculty an increase in the ability to provide really valuable feedback through some of the rubrics created on GoReact, and what this has also done has enhanced the speed of faculty grading, giving us more opportunity to provide feedback, but then also more opportunity to be present with students in open office hours or other times when we can actually enhance lab skills and really teach and dive in.