Nursing Education

GoReact Improved Learning and Test Results, Student Says

One nursing student says using GoReact helped improve his test scores

Hear a Utah State University nursing student credit GoReact with improved test scores.


Connie Wilson:

And the other great thing about it is the students really like it. They ask for the notes assignments most of the time. And so I’m going, to end my presentation here, show you a testimonial of one of my students and how he feels about using GoReact. And really it’s just this teach-back method to using GoReact to dive into the didactic material in a rigorous course like my nursing process course. I’ll let you hear from John who says it the best.


Hello, my name is John Garcia. I’m a nursing student here at Utah State University and I’m here to talk about GoReact. Our nursing instructor, Connie, allowed us to use GoReact, and with the app we would write our notes, write them down. And we don’t just read our notes, but we would also video ourselves explaining the notes and teaching our ourselves the notes. And this allowed us to do a lot better on the test. Me myself have seen significant improvement using GoReact when it came to the test, and I have nothing bad to say about it. GoReact really helped me on the test. It helped me learn, and I am glad the system is available to allow students to use that. Thank you.