Higher Education

GoReact Integration With an LMS

A short video clip highlighting how GoReact can be launched seamlessly inside any major or custom Learning Management System

More than 70% of attendees use a Learning Management System. Hear how GoReact seamlessly integrates both inside and outside an LMS.


Peter Morgan:

Where GoReact really has some incredible stance here, and like I see from the poll question, seeing that just about 70% or just over 70% of users are through an LMS, the beauty of GoReact at an integrated standpoint is the ability here to have a starting point inside of an LMS where all students, all instructors are engaged in one space. And from that mutual starting space, GoReact can be launched and seamlessly accessed.

Now, I say that because rather than having to launch to the third party tool and log in, provide my credentials, be invited to a course, if we embed and integrate through the LMS or through a publishing partners textbook, some of our partners that way, GoReact is launch seamlessly, my account, whether I’m a student or an instructor, is created on the fly and my only requirement is to click and do, perform my action, demonstrate my skill, assess my students in one seamless path without any type of hurdle. That is where true scale comes into play. That’s where true efficiency from our perspective in our largest enterprise customers becomes a reality. The concept of being able to remove hurdles and be able to simply access this tool can be realized through the ability to integrate in some way.