GoReact Lands on EdTech Digest’s Cool Tools List Three Years Running

GoReact Lands on EdTech Digest’s Cool Tools List Three Years Running

GoReact, makers of a video-based skill-training platform used in the classroom, today appeared on EdTech Digest’s yearly roundup of 2018 EdTech Cool Tool Awards. This is the third year running that GoReact has been a finalist in the education technology industry’s premiere lineup.

Each year, EdTech Digest releases a list of products to recognize innovators and leaders accelerating technological growth in education. According to the EdTech Digest official website, “In no other field is the human spirit more alive than education, where educators and supporting technologists are literally shaping our future. The work of the educator is often undervalued and overlooked, but educators and the technologists supporting them play a leading role in our world. Thus, we very proudly recognize, acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the biggest names in edtech.”

GoReact is proud to be among those making a difference in education. EdTech Digest has repeatedly recognized the software’s value of combining feedback and video footage in a truly unique way. By allowing students to watch themselves on camera and instructors to leave time-coded feedback, GoReact helps educators accelerate the learning of critical skills.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, communication skills are among the top three resume points prospective employers seek in new graduates. As a result, skills like public speaking, teaching, speaking a new language, interacting with patients, etc., are now being taught in new, tech-enabled ways. It has become even more difficult to teach these types of skills with the rise of online courses, and some educators have even said it could not be done. But skills previously impossible to teach online are now not only possible but easy and effective.

“The enormous impact of video in the classroom is the whole reason GoReact exists,” said Ben Schmuhl, CTO of GoReact. “We love bringing that value to educators and students! It’s great to know that EdTech Digest recognizes what we’re doing, and we look forward to continuing to innovate educational video in new, exciting ways.”

To learn more about how GoReact works, visit and request a free demo of the software.

About GoReact

GoReact was originally developed at Brigham Young University and pioneered live in-class presentation feedback using its patented sync technology. Today, GoReact is the premier platform for video-based skill development across many disciplines, simplifying the lives of instructors and coaches who use video to improve performance-based skills for their students. For more information, visit 

Chad Jardine