GoReact Launches New Fall Release with Intuitive Software Updates for Customers

GoReact Launches New Fall Release with Intuitive Software Updates for Customers

GoReact, makers of a video-based skill-training platform used in the classroom, just launched a new dashboard that allows educators to interact more easily with student video assignments. Using product design best practices, GoReact distilled educator interviews, usability tests, polls, and extensive research into an intuitive and usable design that provides sought-after features to customers.

Aside from a cleaner look, this redesigned dashboard aims to improve overall customer experience in GoReact. The new design has even better organization of courses and class assignments and makes it possible for GoReact to support new features as the platform develops. This design will have maximum positive impact for all GoReact customers at more than 450 institutions around the world.

“The new design still includes all the great features it had before,” said Hyrum Denney, GoReact’s Product/UX Manager, “but with a cleaner and more intuitive layout. Our goal was to create an environment that felt familiar to our current customers but includes more current design conventions to make these functions simpler. This update includes an automated tour and training video to help new and seasoned users alike navigate with ease.”

GoReact customers provided critical feedback that served as the guidepost to execute this redesign. Since the entire platform is intended to help users give feedback to their students, the GoReact team was eager to take their users’ feedback to heart and give customers a dashboard that includes more features GoReact users need.

“Our users are the lifeblood of our company,” said Ken Meyers, founder and CEO of GoReact. “The new dashboard is the result of loads of input from user surveys, requests, and conversations with our customers. We’re really excited to give them something that rewards their trust in us to create amazing software for observations.”

Educators now have more tools to organize student submissions the way they like to see them. Videos also include a thumbnail as a quick visual reference. Simple functions like previewing deleted videos and easily finding past and future courses have been updated. Interpreting visual data is also much easier in the streamlined dashboard. Instructors can recognize at a glance if a video has a file attachment, exceeds its set time limit, or was submitted late. These tweaks and many more user-friendly adjustments were achieved in just eight short weeks of development time.

According to Denney, “Everything an instructor needs to know is now in one spot. The dashboard is better organized than ever, and this update will also serve as a foundation for the platform. Adding newer, more complicated features and functionalities in our future development will be so much easier now that we’ve taken this step. I’m excited to see where GoReact goes from here.”

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GoReact was originally developed at Brigham Young University and pioneered live in-class presentation feedback using its patent-pending sync technology. Today, GoReact is the premier platform for video-based skill development across many disciplines, simplifying the lives of instructors and coaches who use video to improve performance-based skills for their students. For more information, visit