GoReact Localizes Video Feedback Platform into German to Serve Customer Needs

GoReact Localizes Video Feedback Platform into German to Serve Customer Needs

GoReact, makers of a video-based skill-training platform used in the classroom, just announced that the GoReact software is now available in German.

This language localization effort was made possible through GoReact’s partnership with the International University of Applied Sciences (IUBH) located in Bad Honnef, Bad Reichenhall, and Berlin, Germany. This institution is part of the Apollo Group of universities owned by the University of Phoenix. IUBH is one of Germany’s leading private universities, and their School of Business and Management has used GoReact for over a year.

“IUBH is unique because it’s a competency-based program,” said Josh Beutler, VP of Business Development for GoReact. “Instead of simply following a course of study, IUBH graduates are expected to demonstrate their learning to progress toward their degree. GoReact is ideal for IUBH because it helps students meet the high standards of their program as well as the expectations of their current and future employers.”

Although most IUBH students speak English as a second language, the institution’s leadership was eager for students to have the option of using GoReact in German. The university partnered with GoReact to receive a full school license of the software and to localize GoReact into their native language. Because of this partnership, any user can now select German as her language of choice, and anyone who opens GoReact with German as their browser language preference will automatically see GoReact in German.

GoReact has attracted users speaking many languages, including several sign languages. Because GoReact observation videos and instructor feedback are both recorded and entered in the user’s native language, the platform is fairly simple to use with only a modest understanding of English. However, there is a seamlessness and comfort that comes from full top-to-bottom language localization. Localizations are uncommon and often difficult for edtech SaaS companies to complete, but when IUBH requested a full native-language localization, GoReact’s leadership felt it was an opportune time to add this functionality to the platform.

According to Beutler, “This process helped us take a step forward in making our site’s copy more nimble and customizable.”

GoReact’s development team completed the German localization job over several months, working closely with the teams at IUBH. To translate the entire platform into German, GoReact turned to MultiLing, a global provider of IP translation services and solutions. MultiLing is headquartered in Provo, Utah, quite close to GoReact’s Utah corporate office. Now that the translation is complete, IUBH and all native German speakers who use GoReact can enjoy the benefits of the platform in their native tongue.

“German localization is a key component of delighting our international customers,” said Ben Schmuhl, CTO of GoReact. “IUBH has a specific need, and we are pleased that we could make it a reality for them. Now that our team has blazed the trail for localization, it will be easier to help the next customer interested in partnering on a foreign language project.”

Today GoReact has users in 65 different countries worldwide. The company looks forward to continuing serving its many users abroad.

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