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GoReact Makes Hands-On Learning Engaging and Effective

A short clip about how video can transform learning for science students

Hear how one science instructor uses video to make online learning interactive and outcome-driven.


When chat GP T became a thing I started finding far more well organized, formulated, coherent, intelligent and sometimes weirdly off topic answers to those questions. And I realized that my students were, to varying degrees of success, trying to use AI chatbot to answer the questions. Now, this defeated the whole purpose of what I was trying to accomplish with those discussions. I wanted them to think. I wanted them to use principles that we learned in lecture to answer the questions. I acknowledge that ChatGPT can be used for quite a lot of good things but not so much in this circumstance. So I actually used GoReact as an answer to this problem where before I would have my students answer a question via text in the discussion board. Now, when I post a lecture on GoReact, I have them interact with that lecture, I ask the questions that I before would potentially put in a discussion board and ask it during the lecture. And so they need to actually use the conversation that we’re having at that point in time on the recording to participate. And so it’s not as simple as uh “Mr. Hart posted something, I’m gonna copy and paste that into a chatbot.” Um, It’s, we’re having a conversation in the recording already and I’m asking them a question and they respond in the chat feature of GoReact. So I actually have been using GoReact as a way of circumventing the current issues with chat bots in education.