GoReact Video Feedback and Training Software Now Embedded in Canvas by Instructure

GoReact Video Feedback and Training Software Now Embedded in Canvas by Instructure

GoReact, makers of video feedback and training software for education, today announced the release of their native integration for Canvas, a modern learning management system (LMS) that makes teaching and learning easier for educators and students.

Canvas users can now incorporate performance-based skill development assignments right from their LMS. This integration allows instructor-users of Canvas to create student assignments in which students record assignments such as language practice, speeches, presentations, student teaching, simulation, and performances, and submit them for review, feedback, and grading by instructors. For the first time, educators and their students can complete the assignment setup, student recordings, feedback, and grading of GoReact assignments all from within the Canvas interface.

A simple webcam is all that’s needed for teachers to make recordings of student or group presentations in the classroom and synchronously provide feedback. Students can also easily record themselves using a webcam or smartphone for asynchronous assignments. Instructors can then enable the recordings for real-time feedback from peers in the classroom or stream the presentation online for remote students.

“It’s no secret that, when you’re learning a new skill, watching yourself on video helps you learn faster. Research shows that video combined with feedback from a coach or mentor is the scientific formula for rapid skill development. Integrating GoReact with Canvas now gives educators a more powerful, easy-to-manage method for seeing this rapid growth in their students.” – Ken Meyers, GoReact CEO and Founder

For educators interested in giving more than text comments, GoReact supports time-coded audio and video comments, boosting the level of student-to-instructor interaction.

To measure and analyze student learning and engagement, GoReact allows educators to incorporate rubrics and markers on student video recordings—tools that provide clear visibility of student outcomes and progress over time. Housed natively in Canvas, these tools make classroom interactions easier and more measurable.

“Interactive video is one of the frontiers for technology in education. GoReact has done an impressive job of seamlessly adding video feedback to Canvas,” said Melissa Loble, VP of Platform and Partnerships at Instructure. “Ultimately, students are the winners as this kind of tech empowers them to more quickly acquire essential skills.”

The newly released integration is built on the latest LTI2 standard, which creates significant advantages. It’s not uncommon for external applications to offer basic-level integration, such as a single sign-on and the ability to pass grades back to the Canvas gradebook, but most of these apps end up farming users out into another website and a completely different interface in order to interact and perform their work. GoReact’s approach used allows users to perform all of the functions they normally would using the GoReact web application without ever leaving the Canvas interface.

Students are able to effectively use GoReact as if all of its features were simply a part of Canvas, dramatically reducing friction and lowering barriers to adoption. Perhaps best of all, teachers no longer hassle with playing de facto tech support for their students.

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