5 Ways to Use GoReact in Online Communication Courses

5 Ways to Use GoReact in Online Communication Courses

While communication skills are highly sought after by employers, they aren’t easy to teach—especially online. 

No matter what type of communication you teach (public speaking, debate, sales, interviews, business communication), GoReact makes teaching online communication courses easier than ever before. Below are five assignment ideas to illustrate how GoReact can help you teach communications courses online. 

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1. Presentations 

Live Presentations

With GoReact, students can record live videos to present to the class in real-time. Live review helps the presenter feel like they have an audience and creates the same energy online as presentation day creates in a face-to-face class. Whether the presenter is in the room or halfway across the country, students can critique every aspect of a presentation in real-time. 

Asynchronous Presentations

If live presentations aren’t your jam, try asynchronous. Using the self-record feature, students record and submit presentation videos for feedback. You may have your students record themselves giving a TED Talk or an elevator pitch. With the self-record feature, recordings and feedback can be submitted anytime, anywhere. 

Group Presentations

GoReact’s multiple cameras feature makes group presentations hassle-free. Students can record multiple video streams at the same time and feed off each other’s ideas. With multiple cameras, group presentations are a collaborative experience for all participants. 

Presentations with Slides

The Slide Sync feature allows students to upload their slides directly to GoReact, ensuring that slides are perfectly timed with presentations. Try assigning a presentation format that includes slides, such as PechaKucha. This will help your students stay focused while presenting and enhance their message. 

2. Participation

You can use a standard GoReact assignment for simple participation exercises. Instead of having students write a response to the class reading assignment, have them record and upload an oral response. This method will save you and your students time, plus it’s more engaging for both parties. 

3. Speech Drafts

With the standard assignment, students can also record themselves giving a speech. Upon submission, professors can review the video and provide time-coded feedback. This practice leads to rapid skill development, as students improve exponentially when they see feedback at the right moment. 

4. Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are still possible in online communication courses. Using the multiple cameras feature, students can practice asking and answering interview questions with fellow classmates. Later, instructors can leave feedback for each student. Multiple camera assignments are a great way to help students get comfortable answering questions on the spot and perfect their interview skills.  

5. Skill Analysis

If you want your students to critique a video (e.g. a famous speech, debate, soft skills, or even one of your lectures), try using a comment only assignment. This assignment type is particularly useful when all students need to review a single presentation or speech. Every student reviews the same video and provides feedback through text, video, audio, or markers.

Teaching communication online may sound like an oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to be with the right tool. GoReact is making communication skills simpler to teach than ever before.

And applications aren’t limited to what’s written in this article. If you’ve found a clever way to use GoReact while teaching online communication courses, send us an email at We’d love to see how you’re using GoReact to engage your students! 

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