GoReact Provides Free Services to Over 25,000 Students Affected by Coronavirus

GoReact Provides Free Services to Over 25,000 Students Affected by Coronavirus

With the outbreak of coronavirus, thousands of campuses were forced to shut their doors mid-March. Educators were left to transition their courses online within a matter of days. GoReact—the #1 video-based assessment tool for any online curriculum—offered support to higher education institutions affected. 

The company provided its veteran online software tool to college and university departments at no extra charge. Since March 12, GoReact’s software has recorded over 125,000 student videos on those free accounts.

Many were thrilled about the offer, and the company received dozens of grateful messages from faculty who were scrambling to meet the emergency.

“I cannot thank the GoReact team enough for their amazing support during this time and always,” said Lori Cimino of Florida State College at Jacksonville

Instructors weren’t the only ones affected by GoReact’s offer. The company provided access at no charge to tens of thousands of students in more than 500 university departments that requested free crisis accounts.

“We’re grateful that we could be of help during this difficult time for students and faculty,” said Ken Meyers, GoReact CEO. “Taking skill-based courses online is a difficult task by itself, and we’re happy that our platform has been useful in that endeavor. If nothing else, we hope it resulted in one less thing to worry about.”

About GoReact

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