GoReact Releases Industry-Changing Slide Integration Feature

GoReact Releases Industry-Changing Slide Integration Feature

GoReact, makers of a video-based skill-training platform used in the classroom, today released Slide SyncTM the first slide and video integration technology of its kind for video coaching.

At its core, Slide Sync is designed to make every aspect of student presentations and performances available for synchronous or asynchronous feedback. Now educators and coaches can use GoReact to leave precise, time-coded feedback on a student’s presentation delivery and their slide deck.

Other players in the video and presentation industry have attempted to create a video and slides split-screen format with varying degrees of success. Until now, no other company has achieved the simplicity and many capabilities of GoReact Slide Sync. The same contextual time-coded feedback, simple grading and remote viewing educators have come to expect from GoReact videos is now also available for slides, which play side-by-side with a presenter’s video.

Slides are an exceptionally common part of presenting. An estimated 30 million PowerPoint presentations are made each day, and because so many aspects of slides can be done wrong, it is critical that teachers have a reliable method to guide their students’ delivery. Forbes asserts that effective slides must always be clear and persuasive rather than irrelevant or distracting. Slide Sync is the perfect forum for teachers to coach their students and make sure their slides are only adding authority and style to their presentations.

“We’re thrilled with how well Slide Sync turned out,” said Ben Schmuhl, CTO of GoReact. “Our development team’s goal was to provide all the benefits of syncing slides with presentations but in a format that was so user friendly the customer wouldn’t even notice the feature’s complexity. Other platforms have attempted this before, but no one has succeeded in delivering a slide integration tool that’s as multi-dimensional and simple as Slide Sync.”

GoReact is particularly excited with how this feature will impact classrooms nationwide. The entire mission of Slide Sync is to empower teachers of oral presentation skills to help their students improve and develop practical, hirable skills quickly. According to EdSurge News, traditionally soft skills like communication are now the most sought-after qualifiers in the 2017 job market. Because soft skills can be so difficult to develop, tools like GoReact Slide Sync are crucial to help teach students how to present themselves well, pitch ideas in a business setting, and train others through presentation visuals.

“The entire mission of GoReact—and Slide Sync as well—is to be an asset to teachers,” said Ken Meyers, founder and CEO of GoReact. “This addition makes GoReact the perfect medium to help young presenters create persuasive slides and deliver them effectively. Slide Sync’s side-by-side format makes it possible to critique every aspect of a presentation in real time—whether the presenter is in the room or halfway across the country. This feature is just as useful in an online class as a physical one.”

GoReact’s Slide Sync feature is live now. The company looks forward to continuing to develop the feature and staying connected to their audience’s needs as they add new features to their platform.

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