GoReact’s New AI Assistant: Discover The Power of AI in Teaching

GoReact’s New AI Assistant: Discover The Power of AI in Teaching

Orem, UT – June 3, 2024 – GoReact is thrilled to unveil the latest innovation in learning technology with the launch of its powerful new AI Assistant, a new feature designed to enhance skill development and streamline feedback processes for both learners and instructors or coaches.

We knew that if we were going to bring artificial intelligence to GoReact, it needed to solve real problems and make a real difference for learners, and we wanted to do this while maintaining the privacy, quality, and authenticity that make GoReact great,” said Hyrum Denney, Vice President of Product at GoReact. “We believe the AI Assistant will save coaches and instructors time and effort and provide more opportunities for faster and better feedback.” 

As a part of its commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment, GoReact is introducing the AI Assistant, an AI-enhanced tool carefully developed with learning as the priority. With this groundbreaking feature:

  • Learners will receive instant insights through AI-generated feedback on recorded skill demonstrations, facilitating more practice opportunities, fostering self-reflection, and accelerating skill mastery.
  • Faculty and Coaches will reclaim valuable time previously spent on repetitive feedback tasks, enabling them to deliver expert insights and personalized instruction more efficiently.

AI in Teaching May be a Game Changer

The company believes that using AI in teaching will revolutionize the learning experience, enabling both coaches and learners to achieve their full potential. “The AI Assistant in GoReact represents a significant leap forward in learning technology,” said Ken Meyers, CEO of GoReact. “By leveraging AI to optimize feedback processes, we empower coaches and instructors to focus on what truly matters – providing meaningful, personalized guidance to learners.”

The new AI Assistant in GoReact is now available for purchase as a part of the GoReact Advanced package, along with more new features that have been added, including searchable transcripts, better video quality, and support for larger video uploads. 

To learn more about the AI Assistant in GoReact, visit or watch a free, on-demand webinar about the AI Assistant.

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