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GoReact’s Obsession With Feedback

A short video clip where GoReact explains how valuable feedback from instructors and students is to improving the platform

Hear how GoReact listens to users and strives to make its video assessment + feedback easy to use.


Josh Beutler:

If you want things to go poorly, introduced a little bit of friction into the process for the instructor or even the learner, and that’s the philosophical aspect we have to own as a technology is do not step in front of the learner, don’t make the instructor require or need training. That means when it comes to the way we work in LMS even it is instant. We have installations of GoReact where we support over 30,000 learners and instructors on an annual basis, and you cannot make it hard and it has to be designed well as well.

And even in the product, we’re in a healthy obsession where we’re obsessed with hearing what people think in the moment, so any user can actually submit a request or any sort of, ”Hey this right here, this is something I don’t understand.” And we catalog and categorize thousands and thousands of requests of what our learners and our users in general need as we look at our roadmap, and we ongoingly look, we’re always watching what’s being used and what isn’t, and we may remove functionality from time to time. Even if a small fraction of people are using it in the name of safeguarding the user experience and not have it be cluttered or have people locked up in functionality limbo of, “I’m not quite sure how this works.” And so that’s where our product and the obsession with feedback in our own world has to come to play.