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Grow GoReact Campuswide: Success Secrets From Harper College

A short video clip on successful steps to spread GoReact use across a campus

From communications to kinesiology, physics and math, most departments at Harper College use GoReact. Find out the key to this expansion success. Watch the full webinar.


Melissa Baysingar:

So mid-2020 was when the integration happened. It was early 2021, maybe even late 2020 when Matthew and I were put in contact together, because we’re like, “Oh, we have this new integration.” So we started to do workshops. So Matthew and I actually partnered and did some workshops in 2021 where we’re kind of announcing, “This tool is integrated. Liberal arts, communications, they’re rocking it over there, but if you teach phlebotomy, math, kinesiology, other fields know that this tool exists.” So we ran a couple of workshops for faculty, we got some testimonials from faculty that were using it to share. And then I also developed an on-demand workshop that we ran for several semesters so that faculty could rev up on GoReact anytime, even if they weren’t able to attend some of those initial live workshops.

And then the faculty themselves, beyond just what we can do as a faculty development center in the academy, faculty are so good, this webinar is such a great case in point, so good about sharing what they’re doing, sharing ideas. So we’ve had several faculty present at either our internal events, at GoReact events about what they’re doing in their classrooms. So Jeff’s been amazing about sharing what he was doing way back from the beginning, very willing to share.

We had a faculty present at Reaction 2024 last month, one of our physics faculty. We’ve had one of our dental hygiene faculty present at our assessment conferences. So the Harper faculty are just amazing and willing to kind of spread the word when there is a tool that they’re using that they like. So I would say yeah, that’s kind of the process of growth, and it’s been really driven from the start by our faculty.