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How CSUSB Scaled GoReact to Work in Multiple Departments

How CSUSB Scaled GoReact to Work in Multiple Departments

Finding and implementing niche technologies for specific use cases across different disciplines in a university may seem like a good idea initially, but it leads to more problems in the long run. Issues with license limits and integrations frustrate students, faculty, and administrators alike. What works for one department isn’t always flexible enough to work for another department or college with a similar use case. Not to mention, the technical debt and scalability problems create nightmares for technology support teams.

After piloting GoReact in 2018, California State San Bernardino (CSUSB) saw the potential of the video + feedback platform to provide a rewarding student experience while also preparing them for success after graduation. In addition to the student success benefits, they also realized budgetary benefits by replacing multiple niche technologies in the tech stack with a single program. Ultimately, the data from CSUSB’s usage supported adoption of GoReact across the entire California State system in 2021

Championing CSUSB’s adoption of video feedback software as a single solution that can adapt to multiple use cases among all departments is Dr. Mauricio Cadavid, Senior Instructional Designer and part-time faculty member. He first recognized the potential of GoReact as an  instructional designer assisting faculty in the Jack Brown College.

Expensive Software That Didn’t Improve Student Outcomes

At the time CSUSB began the GoReact pilot, the College of Business was using proprietary software to help students prepare for their elevator pitch presentations. While demonstrating the capabilities and unique feedback features within GoReact, faculty began to see the benefits of incorporating it into their courses. Guided by Dr. Cadavid, GoReact was implemented not just for end-of-course assessments, but throughout the duration of the course as meaningful and low-stakes scaffolded assessments.

For business majors who must master public speaking, among other important presentation skills, opportunities to practice increases confidence and preparedness, in addition to advancing student learning. Dr. Cadavid started hearing from faculty within his department who were thrilled to get a tool that allowed not only practice and self-reflection, but also peer review. They noticed that by the end of the class, students’ public speaking skills had improved and their anxiety was greatly reduced.


Expensive software that doesn’t deliver results.

  • Only solves one issue, not always well.
  • Often has license limits that make access difficult.

Limited software solution

  • Over reliance on clunky and outdated video equipment, with no standard way to record or submit videos.

Scalability to support large student population

  • 20,000 students and only a few staff in the career center limits ability to provide individual support.

GoReact Solution

Flexible applications that are available to everyone. 

  • Multiple forms of useful feedback are available throughout class, not just in a high-stakes summative assessment.
  • Easy integration with the LMS so there is no need to juggle a few licenses or remember new logins.

Use what you already know to record directly into GoReact

  • With just a laptop or smartphone, students can record conversations directly in GoReact without having to check out equipment, worry about power or audio issues and instead focus on the assignment.

Train an instructor to train the entire class

  • Students can use the platform on their own time without having to wait for office hours or scheduling appointments.

The Solution You Need May Not be the One You’re Looking For

While CSUSB’s Business College used some software, imperfect though it was, the College of Education was struggling with video cameras, VHS tapes, DVDs, and other outdated, unreliable hardware. When GoReact became available through the CSU system-wide license they could ditch all that, enabling students to record directly into the assignment in their LMS, and focus on the learning, which is the purpose of the recording in the first place. This alone seemed to be the game-changer. 

Students and faculty soon realized that, with the capabilities of the GoReact platform, they could expand learning beyond the traditional student-teacher relationship. Assignments could be peer reviewed, additional faculty or SMEs could give feedback, and students could self-reflect much more effectively.

Public Speaking Isn’t Just for Public Speakers

As students begin thinking about starting their careers, they quickly realize they need to prepare for interviews, networking, and other modes of interaction with peers and supervisors. That is when Sarai Maldonado, Career Counselor and part-time instructor at CSUSB, gets really popular. Ultimately, the university’s 20,000 students come to her and the small staff at the career center for help.

One of the most in-demand services they provide for career readiness is mock interviews. The original process for providing this experience was very labor intensive so they investigated software solutions, but none were a good fit or scalable enough to support their student community.

When the career center was introduced to GoReact, they found it to be the perfect solution to help students with their mock interviews and other essential skills needed to be successful in starting and thriving in their careers. Plus, because of the sitewide license, it has also been an affordable option. 

Like the career center, faculty across CSUSB discovered the student and budget benefits gained by using GoReact campuswide. 

A number of factors make GoReact scalable and more efficient so that one small team can serve a large student population.

To learn more about how CSUSB used GoReact to drive scalable skill-based learning across their campus, hear from faculty and students.