Nursing Education

How Does Innovation in Nursing Create Positive Change?

A short video clip explaining the importance of defining innovation and the desired outcomes of change

Hear from Dr. Tiffany Kelley how to help nursing students understand the meaning of innovation and how to create meaningful, positive change (with examples).


Tiffany Kelley:

To innovate is to create positive change. This is something I share with nurses, faculty, whomever it is I’m speaking with. And I stress that for us, to really be talking about this concept of innovation or innovate, is the ability to define it in a measurable way. So, I will, whether it’s an undergraduate student or a graduate student, we start with this understanding of, well what does it mean when we’re talking about creating positive change? What does it mean to innovate? And an innovation is an outcome, and it’s a new product, a process or service that emerges as a result of an unmet need, something that’s not being served, for a population of users that drives positive change for quality care.

And stressing that whatever it is, that if we want to look at it from, let’s say an intervention perspective, the desired outcome has to reach at least one of these aspects of quality care that’s defined in crossing the quality chasm, safe, effective, efficient, equitable, patient-centered and/or timely. We need to be doing things that can be measured in a way that addresses at least one of these factors, if not more. And the unmet need is really that gap. What isn’t being met? What are the challenges that are not really being fulfilled, that are leading to work arounds?