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How GoReact Is Improving Nursing Students’ Educational Experience

How GoReact Is Improving Nursing Students’ Educational Experience

Nursing students work hard. We’re talking countless hours of study, research, and clinical practice, all in an effort to take care of those in their communities. But it’s not easy. 

Even under normal circumstances, a nursing student’s education is full of challenges, but with COVID-19, students have had to adapt to an entirely new way of learning. They’ve had to socially distance themselves from their instructors and peers, attempt simulation assignments and clinical hours under strict supervision and guidelines, and work through stressful scheduling conflicts with professors who often have demands elsewhere.

In all of these aspiring nurses’ not-so-convenient efforts to take care of others, GoReact has worked hard to make life easier for them. Here are some of the ways GoReact helps improve nursing students’ educational experience.

Ease of Use With Distance Learning

GoReact is ranked in the top 10 for assessment software in large part because of its ease of use. Now, instead of cumbersome and clunky software, GoReact can be easily downloaded on a student’s laptop or phone. Once downloaded, it doesn’t take extra effort to learn the software—just record and submit to get your feedback.

Connection With Instructors and Peers

Nurse education wouldn’t be complete without connection and communication with instructors and peers—an issue that distance learning has presented. But with GoReact, the barriers are minimal. 

Now, when communicating with professors, students don’t have to wait long periods of time to learn how to improve their skills. They’re able to gather quick, timestamped feedback on their performance as soon as it’s available. 

Not only that, but with important concepts fresh on their minds, students are able to leave peer reviews on their classmate’s videos. The ability to connect with GoReact helps nursing students develop and flourish in their professional relationships for the future. 

Reduces Performance Anxiety

Practicing new nursing skills can be scary, but they can be especially scary when you’ve scheduled precious time with your professor in a sterile environment, knowing this is your one shot to get it right. GoReact helps to ease unnecessary performance anxiety by enabling students to practice in an environment they feel comfortable in. Not to mention that stressful scheduling issues become non-existent with the ability to use GoReact anytime and anywhere. 


There are many more ways that GoReact has improved the lives of nursing students, and we’re continually working to build more tools for their growth, but why don’t we let the students speak for themselves? Hear what these nursing students from Regis University have to say about GoReact.