From Garbage to Greatness: How One Public Speaking Program Transformed

A short video clip about how GoReact made this online public speaking course almost as interactive and produced better results than face-to-face classes

Hear from Harper College’s Jeff Przybylo on how having a video tool helped his online speech students outperform those in in-person classes. Watch the full webinar.


Jeff Przybylo:
When you tell someone you teach public speaking online, the first thing they say is, “How do you do that?” And before we had GoReact, the output from the students, and I hate to say this, was garbage. This was students trying to get out of speech class. They thought this would be the easier way to do public speaking. And there was all the technology, the barriers for the technology. But then when I started moving to GoReact and then the rest of the department and we got the site license, it opened up… it took down all those technological barriers, it made it real. Students on my evaluations will say, “GoReact made it feel like I was in a real class, face-to-face class with my students.” It wasn’t just exchanging videos. It was completely interactive. And I use it a million different ways that we don’t have time for here in a 45-minute seminar.

But I would say, and I think some of my colleagues would say this too, that sometimes our GoReact speeches are better from these online students than our students in face-to-face classes. So we’ve seen tremendous impact, 360.