Teacher Education

How Students and Mentors Use GoReact for Student Improvement

A short video clip of a student explaining how she and her mentor use GoReact

Let this student from Thomas University explain how she and her mentor use GoReact, how she improved from using GoReact, and what she enjoys about GoReact.


My mentor and I use GoReact as a means to reflect on my teaching performance in relation to the TEKS standards. During my student teaching, my mentor was evaluating my teaching performance using the Georgia Performance Standards rubrics and those rubrics went along with the TEK requirements for teachers. And though she saw my lessons live, as she was right there in the classroom, it was always nice for her to go back into GoReact, pull up my video, and look closely at details that she might not have caught the first time through when I taught my lesson. For myself, I was able to develop my teaching abilities a lot better using GoReact. I was able to observe my questioning, my feedback, the teaching strategies that I used to present the information to my students and I really enjoyed using the markers within GoReact because I was able to time-stamp specific strengths and weaknesses within my lesson. The markers allowed me to know exactly where I went wrong and what I did right. In the long run, this made me a better teacher as I became more reflective.