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How Students Grow by Self-Reviewing Their Performance

A short clip where JD Schramm discusses the importance of students reviewing their own videos

Watch as JD Schramm describes how GoReact supports student improvement by providing a way to review their own work and comment on ways to grow.


JD Schramm:

Okay, the last piece I want to talk about in terms of effectiveness is I have a better sense that they are watching their videos. It was very easy for students who didn’t want to see themself on video, to not watch their video, and they could even do a self-critique that acted like they’d seen in the video, but they hadn’t actually downloaded the video. Inside of GoReact, because I have them write their feedback in GoReact, I now know that they’ve done that all important step of watching themselves on video, which is, as I said earlier, the only way that they can get stronger at it.