Higher Education

How to Get Started With AI

A short video clip explaining how to learn more about AI and integrate it in your instruction

Hear how this teacher learned to use AI in her writing.


Jessica Lyons:

Don’t be scared and experiment. Play with it. I have a very torrid love affair with ChatGPT. That’s what I present on and that’s what I talk about and I just learn by playing around with it. What Julie was saying, there is an art to writing the prompts, and it all comes down to the prompts. And absolutely, I know that the ChatGPT, I call him Bumblebee because GPT stands for Pre-trained Transformer. So in my head, an ’80s kid, it’s Bumblebee the transformer. I am telling you, he gets my sarcasm now. And when I will write that and it comes through, it starts to slowly sound like me. So there’s this art to writing the prompts and then just don’t be scared and try it and see and play around. There’s all sorts of books, but the best way I found for anybody is listen and then see what works for you. Some of it might work, some of it won’t work. Some of it you’ll love and some of it you’ll hate and that’s I think the best way to really get your feet into embracing and leveraging AI.