How Video Creates Aha Moments That Fuel Improvement For Teachers

A short video describing the powerful learning moments video assessment technology offers

Hear how new teacher candidates benefit from the reflection and feedback video technology offers.


Ann Stark:

The technology that we use with GoReact is teachers are videotaped teaching their lessons similar to how Brent mentioned, but then we sit down with our mentee and watch it together and we can kind of pause it spots and talk about what do you see? And it’s really eyeopening for our new teacher candidates to be able to look at the video of their lesson and say things like, “I didn’t even realize that all the kids were talking during my instruction. I was so focused on my instruction, I didn’t hear them.”

And when they watch the video, it’s very obvious that no one was listening sometimes for new teachers. So, that’s things that without having that video evidence is really difficult to recreate in a conversation with them to the point where they get it. So, I think, we talked earlier about those aha moments and having the video recording really creates some opportunities for those. And then, an opportunity to reflect, and grow and, come up with new strategies on how to help them improve.