Nursing Education

How Video Feedback Reduces Instructor Workload With Patrick Luna

A short video clip focused on how nursing faculty save time with GoReact

Hear some of the ways nursing faculty are saving time with GoReact.


Patrick Luna:

The other one was, “How easy was this for me to teach other faculty to use?” I knew how to use it, but I wanted to see if this could translate to basically anybody. And so the majority of the feedback that I got from all of the other faculty was that they saved time using this tool.

So, this is a huge term. This is a huge thing that we discuss as faculty is workload. And how does this particular tool keep our workload minimized? So, creating assignment, very, very easy. Once I’ve created my assignments, I can copy them to my next course. No problem. It’s easy. And I’ve actually taught other people how to do that. And so it, like I said, it integrates with my LMS, so I don’t have to spend time actually inputting grades. So, it goes directly to my grade book. I can create the assignment within my LMS and copy over a rubric and settings from a previous course and have everything ready to go from day one in the course, unless I want to make some minor changes just based on my own feedback.

It’s allowed me more time. That’s why I’ve used it so much is the ease of use and how I can do everything in real time. Once I start typing a feedback, the video stops, so I can finish my thought, do what I need to do there and then the video will start once I enter that feedback.