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Immediate Impact Using GoReact

Discover the quantifiable results SCL Education gained within the first year of using GoReact

Learner performance and cost savings were among the immediate benefits one GoReact customer earned.


Stuart Allen:

It was clearly having a beneficial impact upon our learner development over time. So that was a really pleasing output, for saying we’ve done this for year one and we have some staff really engage in this and of course some staff who’ve taken a bit longer to adopt. But hey, that’s always first year impact of change.

But also what you’ll see is we have also started to see a clear reduction in our cost. So when we look at what our cost base was last year for this provision type versus the cost base this year, since introducing this technology, we’ve seen a circa 30% reduction in expenses, travel, hotels as a result of our trainers being able to do more at home and not sacrifice the impact on the learner’s performance and development. And again, that was really pleasing and I guess that’s the icing on the cake for us, this was never a cost saving exercise, this was about improving quality of a remote provision or a blended provision, but it has had a positive impact upon some of those costs. And also the CPD bit’s a really important benefit because we’ve actually been able to showcase some of our learner’s performance to other learners across other sites as a best practice model as well as sharing some of our teachers practice.

So we were able to record some content of our trainers delivering a technique that was then shared across the country as a best practice example of how to carry out this skill within the curriculum. So again, it’s actually become a really good teaching and learning resource tool and as we work with Jenny and the team, I’m sure there’s more we can do and get out of this that we’ve not even touched the sides on. But in terms of initial impact after year one implementation, there’s been some really nice positive shoots come out of that case study, that pilot.