Higher Education

Impact of AI on Neglected Educational Models: Experiential Learning + Personalization

A video clip about how higher ed is impacted by ignoring the research on experiential learning and personalization in education

Bert Verhoeven discusses decades old research on personalized education that was largely ignored by higher education. The advent of AI served as a catalyst for change, compelling universities to address the long-overdue transformation.


Bert Verhoeven:

We in education have been ignoring all these researchers that was out there about experiential learning, leading to higher, better student outcomes, about the personalized learning, leading to better outcomes. All these research has been done that we have ignored because we were able to ignore because of the business model that’s out there now that leads to so much money.

And students are so worried about not having a university degree that the two together adding up has been a perfect situation for universities. I don’t say it is anymore because I think it’s going to change very quickly now and the catalyst will be A