Nursing Education

Improving Nurse Competence With Patrick Luna

A short video clip focused on how nursing instructors use targeted feedback to improve student competence

Hear how Patrick Luna and his colleagues have improved nursing students’ competence using targeted video feedback.


Patrick Luna:

The way that I ended up using it was first for this direct evaluation of skills. Students would record a video. I would give them feedback through this mechanism, which we’ll see in a bit, and what I noticed and what happened anecdotally, and this is not just me speaking, this was coming from my clinical instructors that were with my clinical students in the practice area, that they were performing better. And so what I started to look at was what exactly had I changed about my techniques?

I have a large, my college of nursing is very large. We’re the largest nursing school in this entire state. I can have upwards of 30 people in my lab at one time. And giving them pinpoint feedback is, of course, very, very difficult. With this mechanism, what I’ve been able to do is actually watch more students perform their skills. And so once I can give them, not just me but my colleagues, can give them direct feedback, that is the one thing that’s improved about my program.