Advice on Incorporating Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

A short clip about taking advantage of lessons learned in the previous year to improve future practice

Sometimes lessons are learned the easy way… sometimes the hard way. The point is to make sure they’re applied to improve best practices and refine support for new and returning teacher candidates and mentors.


Sean McCarthy:

Everything that I learned, sometimes the hard way, sometimes the easy way this year is now going to be part of that practice. And then every bit of feedback, every challenge maybe that we faced and overcome, we’re incorporating not only into that initial training, but then we also do returning mentor training. So we’ve just made a standard agenda item in both our summer returning mentor training and our mid-year follow-up that we’re going to address specific best practices with our video observations.

And we’ve already identified exactly what we want to do in August with both the initial and the returning and some of the things that we think we’re going to probably want to do every mid-year. And then we’re also making it a standard agenda item when we do our office hours that anytime we have an office hour and people request joining those that GoReact is always one of the things that we can talk about. It’s also helped us, we’re constantly refining our Canvas support page, so that in addition to providing links that GoReact has provided on how to use the program, any troubleshooting, that type of thing, we’re also kind of adding our key components so they have all of that available to them as well.