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Instructor and Student Feedback Feeds Product Development at GoReact

A short video clip where GoReact shares how user feedback drives improvements in its video + feedback tool

Hear how important customer experience and feedback are to GoReact.


Jenny Gordon:

The experience that our partners and customers have with our product is paramount important to us and to feedback, but it has to make sense to them so that it works as part of their teaching and learning process. We spend a lot of time working with instructional designers and teams of people who have much more experience than we do at the subject matter and the delivery, and we make sure that our product can integrate with the fundamental foundational platforms that their learning management system and things like that, so that teaching staff and students don’t have to log into somewhere different, they don’t have to remember something else, so it becomes part of their existing method of working. The feedback that we get around how easy that is or how we can scale that up for our larger institution, that sort of thing, it’s really important.

And then in terms of feedback around the functionality, our starting place is that the user experience has always got to be very simple, because we need the barrier to use any product for an educational benefit, we need the barrier to use that very, very low, so the user experience is fundamental. I think the most important thing is that ongoing relationship that we have with our partners and our colleagues in different institutions in Graeme’s team and our team in the UK speak very regularly to make sure that we can support in the way we can, and I know that that’s the way that we work, but that ongoing feedback, that ongoing relationship is fundamental to both us and our partners.