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Invite Students In, Don’t Call Them Out

A short video clip explaining why students should be an active part of the conversation about AI usage

Hear how AI is encouraging deep conversations with students about learning at Concordia College.


Joseph Kennedy:

And above all, use technology tools to invite students in, not to call them out.

It’s so important because no tools exist to accurately detect AI. That was the first policy decision that my college made in February of 2023. We will not spend money or resources playing the whack-a-mole game trying to find a tool that will identify when students have used AI, because every time one of those tools comes along within a month, it is outdated and it cannot accurately and consistently identify unethical use of AI. And many faculty members can see patterns, especially if they have had their students do other writing in class. They can tell this is a very different voice, a different very organizational scheme, but even our own innate sense of what’s right and what’s wrong is not infallible. So we want to use this technology to invite students into the conversation about what is good writing, what is good research, what is appropriate, what is ethical, what is inspirational? What is the point of all of it in the first place? Rather than trying to find tech tools that will call them out.