Nursing Education

Jump-start AACN Essentials With GoReact

A guide to teaching core nursing competencies with video assessment

The new AACN Essentials identify core competencies for professional nursing education, and mark a formal shift toward competency-based education.

For nurse educators, that means giving students more opportunities to practice, demonstrate, reflect, and get feedback on core nursing competencies. This transition may seem daunting, but video assessment software, like GoReact, can anchor and streamline your efforts.

What’s Inside

  • An overview of AACN Essentials domains and core competencies for professional nursing education
  • Tangible examples of how you can use video assessment to boost student competency in 9 out of 10 domains
  • Highlights of GoReact features to help you save time and improve student outcomes as you make the shift toward competency-based education

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