Higher Education

Enhancing Learning Beyond the Classroom

A webinar on how video enriches skills-based learning experiences outside the classroom

Some video tools are great for interactive discussions but what about taking a video tool a step further for skills-based learning experiences outside the classroom? Explore how GoReact is a solution for students to observe, reflect, and improve their performance while receiving feedback from instructors and peers. 

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how video:

  • Enables students to demonstrate learning, allowing for later review, analysis and reflection
  • Facilitates real-time interactions between instructors and students, creating dynamic learning environments, fostering continuous learning
  • Empowers students to practice and refine essential skills through immersive, hands-on experiences

Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis is a Senior Instructional Designer with the Instructional Technology and Academic Services Team in the Office of Technology Innovation and Digital Education (OTIDE). She works with faculty in developing online courses for a variety of disciplines, curricular areas, and course formats, identifying ways to enhance course structure, student engagement, and delivery of content through best practices.