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Learning How to Use Tags (Markers) in GoReact

A short video clip where Jeff Przybylo demonstrates how to use tags (markers) in GoReact

Learn how to use tags (markers) in GoReact – a simpler, more time efficient way to give frequently left comments to students.


Jeff Przybylo:

Along with the comments, you can create what are called tags. There are tags down here and I don’t, I’m not sure how many you could put in here, but you could probably put double or triple. I think you could go all the way across the screen.

And these are programmed at the beginning of the speech. And if I hover on them, they’re kind of frequently used comments. Things that you say to students all of the time that are pretty common. So if I were watching her speech and I clicked slow down, it would insert slow down at 17 seconds. I can then do project your voice, great line, good eye contact. So when you hover over these, you could see what they are. I don’t use them extensively on particular speech, but on some earlier speeches, I do a lot of these. And I also have the students do them in their peer evaluation, so they’re clicking lots of these tags. And then on the back end of this, the student will get some statistics. They’ll see how many times somebody tagged, you need some evidence or articulation problems.

And the student could start to see what other people are seeing, what lots of people are seeing and where people are commenting upon over and over and over.