Higher Education

Leveraging AI to Enhance Experiential Learning & Authentic Assessment

A video clip about the difficulty of conducting authentic assessment and how AI facilitates experiential learning

Experiential learning, including authentic assessment, requires significant effort from both students and educators. Integrating AI will enhance the experiential aspect, making it more effective and worth the effort.


Vishal Rana:

I think authentic assessment is not a new way of doing things. It’s been there for a while in the academia. It’s just not been widely acknowledged and not everybody wanted to use it because it’s a lot of work. And that’s what we have seen in our innovation course. Experiential learning takes a lot of effort, not only from the students, but also from the people who are delivering the content. And it’s almost three times the effort that a normal course would take in a university or in higher education that we put in for authentic assessment and the learning process, because there’s checkpoints in every stage of the learning when it comes to authentic learning because it’s a feedback loop. You do something, you get feedback, you then fix moving forward or you go back, you revisit. And that is a lot of effort and that is something that I think universities have to start acknowledging and accepting that the effort is not going to be reduced.

It’ll be more effort, but AI will make it more experiential, more better as a copilot in the learning process.