Higher Education

Live Review Limits

A short video clip explaining how many students and instructors can participate in a live review

Wondering how many participants can join a live review through GoReact? Few programs will ever meet or exceed this limit.


Peter Morgan:

When we talk about a group recording presentation, the actual videos that are being engaged together in a synchronous space, like I said, the cap is nine. When we talk about though the live observation, a live review assignment, one student or if set up through the settings, a group of students limited to nine can be presenting their windows. The participants different definition there, the participants of that video, those that will be assessing the live video as it’s being recorded, GoReact is very proud to say that we allow for up to 2,500 participants in that window. Now, all of that is dependent on the systems that we’re on, the devices that people are utilizing, making sure that they can engage in live video, but the cap for participants is pretty much untouchable.