Nursing Education

Making Learning Memorable

Transform note-taking and learning using teach-back strategies

See firsthand how using notes and video made knowledge stick in one nursing program.


Connie Wilson:

These students, we have Nurse Tim’s workbooks and they like to use that format some to take their notes and then they would just teach-back everything that’s on those notes. And I found it fascinating because prior to this I had notes assignments where the students would upload them and you could just read things and I do the same thing myself. You read things you go, “I’ve got that, I’ve read it, I’ve got it.”

But until you actually have to teach somebody something it can go in and out of your brain so quickly. So it just allowed them at two in the morning to be teaching, through their computers or their phones teaching themselves and uploading it to GoReact. And so they had to revisit everything they learned that week in summary and these notes assignments. And the students really like them.

Here’s another example. Again, I let them do anything that works for their learning style just within the rubric. And this one I really like how she made her own notes. I did suggest to her to start using color because I really think it will help her make the information stick as well. But you can see how the submission goes here. I’ll kind of forward it a little bit.

Student #4:

Including daily weights. And if they gain more than two pounds in 24 hours or five pounds in one week, then you should call the provider.