Nursing Education

Making Nursing Knowledge Stick: Teach-Back Strategies for Long-Term Learning

Discover new methods for creating long-term learning using teach-back strategies

Developing nurses who can independently make sound clinical decisions begins in the classroom with a curriculum that fosters high-level cognitive thinking. Preparing student nurses to be comfortable and competent thinking at a deeper level is critical, and  the teach-back method can become a lifelong skill used to validate patient understanding. 

Watch this free recorded webinar to discover how to engage your students in deeper learning and self-reflection and equip them with skills that transfer into practice. 

You’ll learn about: 

  • Using the teach-back method to make knowledge stick
  • Creating activities that challenge memorization and make learning meaningful
  • Leveraging video for teach-back assignments to promote self-reflection and build confidence

Connie Wilson, MSN, RN

Connie Willson is a Professional Practice Assistant Professor of Nursing at Utah State University and Campus Coordinator for the Moab Campus. Her area of expertise is developing partnerships with clinical facilities, supervising clinical adjuncts, and overseeing labs and simulation equipment. Prior to joining Utah State, she was a labor and delivery nurse, perinatal nurse manager, and nurse manager for a surgical department. She has a BSN from Westminster College, and a Master of Science in Nursing Education from Weber State University.