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Master Lab Skills With GoReact

A short video clip on how Harper College’s kinesiology program uses video assessment to support students’ skill development

See how easy GoReact makes it for students to develop practical lab skills for any clinical or STEM discipline. Watch the full webinar.


Adrian Fleisher:

Sure, sure. In our coursework, when we go into our 200 level courses for kinesiology, our students have to show aptitude and skill in being able to administer certain testing protocols, whether it’s a field test like a 300 yard shuttle, a 40 yard dash, or 5-10-5 yard shuttle, or if it’s more clinical in nature where we’re talking about perhaps blood pressure reading or taking pulse. So to that end, our students needed to have some type of vehicle where they could actually administer those tests and deliver those tests. Now, the setup I used in GoReact was a one-on-one format where they submitted a video and I would evaluate the video. So it was one-on-one between the student and the instructor.

And that fulfilled our requirements for some of our courses, our one to two, two to two in terms of lecture to lab ratio to meet articulation agreements.