Higher Education

Mastering Assignment Makeovers to Enrich Instruction

An exclusive webinar with special guest, Derek Bruff, Ph.D., on revamping assignments and assessments to drive meaningful learning

Whether you’re assigning an essay or a complicated math problem, some students will rely on AI tools like ChatGPT or Claude to generate responses. But with certain tweaks to these assignments, you can drive more meaningful learning.

Special guest Derek Bruff, author and educator, shares how to remake your assignments not simply by banning AI tools but instead by ensuring they require students to demonstrate thinking and skills they will need after graduation. 

Watch this on-demand webinar packed with valuable insights and practical takeaways, where you’ll learn: 

  • Pitfalls with traditional assignments and assessments and how to phase them out
  • How technology can enable more meaningful learning
  • Ways to design assignments and assessments that demonstrate student knowledge and skills

This is one webinar you’ll be glad you watched.

Derek Bruff, Ph.D.

Derek Bruff, PhD is an educator, higher ed consultant, and the author of two books, Intentional Tech: Principles to Guide the Use of Educational Technology in College Teaching and Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: Creating Active Learning Environments. He writes a weekly newsletter called Intentional Teaching and produces the Intentional Teaching podcast. Bruff directed the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching for more than a decade, where he helped faculty and other instructors develop foundational teaching skills and explore new ideas in teaching. He consults regularly with faculty and administrators across higher education on issues of teaching, learning, and faculty development. Bruff’s major accomplishments while leading the CFT included reaching approximately 30 percent of all full-time Vanderbilt faculty through CFT offerings each year, building a “students as producers” approach to course design into CFT programming as a way to help faculty at a research university rethink their teaching and engage their students in deep learning, integrating learning management system and other instructional technology support into the CFT to help instructors teach in a variety of modalities (in-person, synchronous and asynchronous online, hybrid), and guiding the strategic development of the CFT as it went from 8 to 14 full-time staff positions. Bruff has a PhD in mathematics and has taught math courses at Vanderbilt and Harvard University. Currently, he is Visiting Associate Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, University of Mississippi.