Model Instruction & Share Best Practices

A short video on using GoReact to model instruction and share examples of lessons and teaching strategies

Hear from Pete Morgan about using GoReact to model instruction and share examples of lessons and teaching strategies.


Another one of the greatest tools that GoReact has to offer is the ability to share best practice. Now, we just talked about how to share best practice or share my skill development as a learner to my coach, my mentor, my lead teacher. In this case, I’m flipping the rolls as a lead teacher, coach or mentor. I have the ability to host content inside of my GoReact account to upload record or draw in best practices and have those shared out to those I’m responsible for.

We leverage the same exact guess review or functionality that was just seen. But in sharing these pieces, we think about teacher shortages, quality issues, setting a gold standard of expectation as to what these learners should be performing. Now, a lot of times this is leveraged as a first touch type of instance or activity inside of GoReact. But think of, from the learner perspective, receiving a piece of content from my mentor, my coach, having the ability to watch true best practice in motion.

This helps set the expectation as to what I should be doing as I record myself down the road and it helps introduce GoReact as a tool to me how I offer commentary in the form of text, video, audio, color coded markers utilizing a rubric all of those pieces, but in a low stakes, zero risk opportunity to learn. As I leverage this functionality from the perspective of a coach, mentor or lead teacher, I can help spread learning opportunities, spread best practice before any of my staff or those that I’m responsible for ever have to record themselves. And that is incredibly powerful.