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Happy National ASL Day!

Happy National ASL Day!

Every year on April 15, everyone groans about filing their taxes. But thankfully there’s a much better occasion we can celebrate today: National ASL Day in the United States!

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people have used American Sign Language since the early 1800s, but it wasn’t until 1960 that ASL was recognized as an official form of communication. Now an estimated 1 million people use ASL as their primary language.

Want to join in and celebrate ASL Day? shared 10 great ways to tip your hat to the proud legacy of ASL:

  1. Film your story about ASL and share it with the #aslday hashtag.
  2. Host a local signing community potluck or gathering.
  3. Create ASL Day cards for your family and friends.
  4. Make artwork celebrating ASL and post it in your shop.
  5. Perform an ASL poem in your local Deaf club.
  6. Photograph your favorite ASL hand shape.
  7. Share the story of how you learned ASL.
  8. Teach your coworkers 10 ASL words.
  9. Email your favorite ASL signer a note of appreciation.
  10. Share more ideas on the National ASL Day Facebook page or send an email to

To learn even more about ASL, check out our article The History of Sign Language. Show your spirit today as we honor everything ASL has done for our community!