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3 Reasons National U. Can’t Stop Using GoReact

A short video clip about why one large institution kept – and actually expanded – its use of video feedback after the pandemic

Students and faculty alike say there are several key reasons they continue getting value from using GoReact across multiple programs.


Pete Morgan:

Post pandemic, why do we continue utilizing these things? What is the power of GoReact even when we’re going back face-to-face or leveraging these tools when it’s not this requirement to be separated like it was during pandemic time?

Patricia Heydet-Kirsch:

I guess I can answer that with where our USPs, our university support providers are in that, they are now allowed to go into the classroom setting in some instances. Again, we’re trying not to have to pay those millions of dollars for travel anymore. Even when they go in, we’re still recording because we found it to be so effective for students to be able to go back and look and they’re still uploading to GoReact.

Even given the opportunity to go back to the way things were, our students and our faculty have chosen, “Nope, not doing it, we still like this model. We love seeing each other face-to-face in times when we’re able to, but this tool affords so many other features that we cannot get with the other model and it allows the coaching to happen in increments.” Let’s face it, when somebody’s trying to coach on the fly and do it in 15 minutes and share their information really quickly, this affords those university supervisors to go back in and look at things repeatedly and then respond to the student perspective, which I know is where Mel’s going. The back and forth that happened becomes essential to the feedback and the application of what you said last time and applying it to your next observation. That’s something that you don’t see in traditional models.

Brian J. Arnold:

If I may, just to piggyback on that really quickly, for some people that might be a little bit newer to the concept, the profound paradigm shift of no longer comparing subjective, flawed memories of what actually happened to having an empirical record of what happened, it seems so simple, but it such a game changer.