New Teacher Support Toolkit

Over 44 percent of new teachers quit within the first five years and many districts face severe teacher shortages. It’s more important than ever to provide support to new teachers and make sure they are prepared as they enter the classroom.

To help ease new graduates’ transition from pre-service teachers to teachers of record, we’ve compiled this toolkit with tips, tricks, best practices, and real-life examples to help coaches, mentors, and administrators support new teachers.

What’s Inside:

A deep dive into the role of reflection for new teachers

Read, watch, and download multiple resources to learn some of the ways teachers are utilizing and deepening reflective practices.

An overview of the impact of feedback on teacher self-efficacy

Learn how the quality of feedback impacts teacher support, while discovering best practices for coaching and delivering feedback to new teachers.

Guides for using video to create a culture of professional learning

See how video, combined with powerful feedback tools, enables schools and districts to create a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.