Nursing Education

Nursing Education Clinical Judgment Assignment Examples

A short video clip that provides examples of how one program is using assignments in GoReact to improve clinical judgment

Hear from Patrick Luna how he uses various assignments in GoReact to provide students with personalized, targeted feedback and to help his program transition to competency-based evaluation.


Patrick Luna:

This method of feedback can be utilized for various assignments and evaluations. I’ve found it effective for feedback and evaluation of psychomotor skills, communication techniques.

It was originally a communication tool, which I found out. So, it’s tried and true with improvement communication.

I can use it for case studies. I can do reflection assignments on it. I use it for small group work. We are beginning to integrate it in our simulation program, to provide feedback. This is a valuable tool in any active learning environment.

The screenshot you see right here, it shows both typed and video feedback in a GoReact assignment. There’s also an option to record audio feedback as well.

This is a big reason why I felt connected to my students during in the pandemic, is they were still able to see me provide them feedback. I just did it through this unique interface. Something that I’ve really enjoyed doing is having them see me when I provide feedback.

So using video feedback for clinical judgment, it’s only one of the many educational tools that can assist nursing educators with the transition to competency-based evaluation.