Online Rubrics Add Structured Feedback to GoReact

Online Rubrics Add Structured Feedback to GoReact

Drag-and-drop rubric wizard enables structured evaluations alongside time-coded comments

GoReact, the go-to video tool for giving feedback, assessment and critique of student presentations and performances, just added a flexible rubric builder to its lineup. Customizable rubrics allow instructors to create digital versions of paper rubrics, scorecards and other structured evaluation tools so they can give feedback and evaluate student work consistently across classes. This adds a much-requested option to GoReact’s already popular time-coded feedback tools.

The new rubric module was developed over more than a year in collaboration with a number of university faculty, and previewed in November at the National Communication Association annual conference in Washington, D.C. The module was released today for general availability.

Featuring a user-friendly drag-and-drop palette and rubric canvas, the module is exceptionally easy to use and flexible, allowing for any combination of evaluation elements in formats such as numeric scale, qualitative scale, scored items, checkbox items, and text feedback. The rubric is self-scoring, and posts the scores back to each student’s video upon posting of the evaluation.

“This is the easiest rubric tool I’ve ever used,” said Scott Whitney, a program director at Stephen F. Houston University. “The drag-and-drop feature is very intuitive, and the copy feature makes it very fast to build out an entire template.”

Structured evaluations can be entered while still giving time-coded comments on a single student video, streamlining the feedback process and saving valuable grading time for instructors.

The structured evaluation is useful for a number of disciplines, and has been particularly anticipated for student teacher and faculty observation use.

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